Who are we?

We are the local DEF CON group for the Triangle area - Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill & thereabouts - in NC. This means we are professionals, students, and hobbyists with interest in the alternative applications of modern technology, security, and privacy topics. Note: we do not support any illegal activity.


We meet on the third Monday of the month at 7pm - so far our meetings have been generously hosted by Splatspace in Durham. We'd like to branch out to other locations in Raleigh and/or Chapel Hill; if you have suggestions for a free venue that can hold ~30 people comfortably every couple months, please let us know!

Our November meeting is a CryptoParty at 7pm on Monday, November 19th. Please see our events page for details. If you'd like to party with us, please RSVP to info@dc919.org!

Our Philosophy

  • Learn and share.
  • Tolerate and resolve differences with courtesy.
  • Don't break the law. This is not that kind of place.
  • Respect the privacy, property, and person of others. See: "Don't be a dick."